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“I want to thank your whole staff for being so professional and persistent in getting the IRS off of my back!  Got my settlement signed, sealed and delivered, just as promised. I had a tax debt that kept me awake at night and stressed me out during the day. Your staff took on the IRS, like gangbusters, and fought hard for my case. Now I am in the process of paying my settlement and I couldn’t be happier. I no longer feel the impending doom and helplessness that I always felt from the IRS and I feel my life can now move forward. I would recommend Results National to anyone.”

Nikolay Ming

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Getting you protected now is the most important thing.

“We got hit like a Mack truck, with notice after notice and bill after bill. The IRS is no joke, when it wants its money. Don’t put it off, if you need protection, this is the place to get it.”

“I’m not gonna lie. When I was bit younger, I decided to become a tax protester. Not smart. Years of penalties and interest built up. I ended up over $200,000 in debt. Needless to say, the only thing I’d rebelled against was common sense. Being an outlaw of sorts, I especially didn’t feel that the IRS would take kindly to any bargaining I wanted to do. I ended up finding Tax Tiger, and they immediately went to bat for me. I was surprised how quickly a resolution came in. I’m currently making payments on a $6,000 settlement, which I will be finished paying off in no time. I can see an end in sight. I learned my lesson, but I also learned that mistakes don’t have to be permanent. Thank you, Tax Tiger, for helping me through what could have been a horrifying situation!”

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